Documents and special items delivery service “Envío Seguro”

With "Envío Seguro" we guarantee your special items delivery

We know there are certain products and documents of your business that cannot be transported or shipped in the usual way due to their importance or urgency. In the shipping of documents and items that require special attention and safety, we offer our “Envío Seguro” ("Safe Shipping” )

Speedy and safe deliveries

Our service guarantees you the collection and delivery of your shipments, avoiding third-party mediation and your goods passing through different hands before reaching their final destination. We also guarantee the integrity of your shipment.

Hand collection and delivery by the same person

We have different security protocols for your shipments, by which we guarantee that the addressee will receive your shipment in his/her own hands. We will let him / her know as well any information about particulars from the time of collection to delivery.

“Envío Seguro” is more than the usual courier service: our transports are carried by road in our own vehicles and by our own staff, and deliveries are made by hand to the addressee.